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Eric Cantor Insults, Angers League of Women Voters


Ah, Eric Can’tor, always a uniter not a divider. Heh.

“No Food Fights With League in Charge”

Dear Editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch,

It was demeaning to the sponsors of the 7th Congressional District Candidates Forum for Eric Cantor to say that their event would have been “a platform for a food fight.” While there is always a risk in holding an event that has not been staged and rehearsed in advance, the League of Women Voters and the Richmond First Club made every effort to promote a civil discussion of the issues at the forum held on Oct. 11, 2010.

The two participating candidates had signed a list of rules for the proceeding that not only forbade whistles and catcalls, but also requested that the audience hold its applause until the end of the program. The Henrico police had been notified that a political gathering was to take place at the Tuckahoe branch of the Henrico Public Library.  No campaign literature, much less men in chicken suits, were allowed inside the building. If the event had turned ugly (as some political meetings do), it would have been canceled.

When the forum actually took place, the rules — read to the audience by the respected moderator Lou Dean — were accepted and adhered to by the audience. The candidates — both perfect gentlemen — concentrated on discussing the issues. The forum — a civil exchange of ideas which helped the audience understand each candidate’s political philosophy and position on specific issues — fulfilled the sponsors’ goals.

It would have been more exciting if the incumbent had been present, but a food fight? Not while the League of Women Voters was in charge.

Virginia Cowles

President, League of Women Voters, Richmond Metropolitan Area. Richmond.