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“Felix” Is Running


It seems absolutely clear to me that George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen is running for Senate in 2012. The question is, what about Jim Webb?  So far, what we’ve gotten from Webb is hemming and hawing, pretty much “I’m possibly not not maybe not could be not not I’ll think about it not – or not – running.” Ha. Seriously, though, how long does Webb have before he has to jump off the fence? And how enthusiastically does he have to jump if and when he does so?  I’d say, “sooner rather than later,” and “100% in it to win it.”  If not, I’d say that Webb could be in serious trouble in 2012, which is shaping up as a potentially tough year for Democratic U.S. Senators, particularly from the freshman class of 2006.

Also, can we count on Barack Obama to win Virginia again in 2012? After the disastrous results of 2009 and 2010 for Virginia Democrats, I certainly don’t think we can do that. So, what’s the strategy?  Pray for Republicans to nominate Sarah Palin?  If so, that’s not much of a strategy. Your thoughts?


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