GOP Pro Wrestling Match 2012: “Felix Macacawitz” vs. “The Guy Cooch Bodyslammed”


    George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen vs. Corey “The Guy Cooch Bodyslammed the Other Day” for the 2012 Republican nomination to take on Sen. Jim Webb (assuming he’s running)? And Corey’s already trashing Felix?  I’ll tell ya, this is going to be top-notch entertainment, at least if World Wrestling Entertainment, Republican Division, is your thing. Enjoy! 🙂

    h/t: Too Conservative

    UPDATE: Greatest post ever by Shaun Kenney. As in, not even close. This is truly a great post.  Did I mention how great this post is?  I’m serious – read it now (and grab some more popcorn)! 🙂


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