Koch Industries Wins Repower America’s Snake Oil Award for Public Deception; Local Winner is Massey


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    Here’s a press release and pictures from last night’s Repower America Snake Oil event in Richmond:

    This year, big oil and coal companies have spent a shocking amount of money on lobbying, campaign donations and advertising to try and stop America from moving away from dirty, dangerous fuels. In short, they have been selling the American people a very dirty brand of snake oil. So Repower America and Repower Virginia held a very special election for citizens across the state and across the country: Which big oil or coal organization is the worst of the worst?

    Today, we are pleased to announce the winners:

    The Winner of the Repower America Snake Oil Award for Public Deception is: Koch Industries

    The Repower Virginia Snake Oil Award for Public Deception Winner is: Massey Energy


    Koch Industries is America’s second-biggest private company, with estimated annual revenues of $100 billion. And its owners, the brothers Charles and David Koch, have spent decades funding shadowy groups to defend the oil industry’s priorities. Koch Industries funds groups like Americans for Prosperity, which uses advertising to push for the oil industry’s agenda. For its shameful record of using front groups to support big oil, we award Koch Industries the Snake Oil Award for 2010.

    “In a year full of oil companies doing their best to lie to the American people, Koch Industries stands head and shoulders above the rest,” said Lindsay Arends, Repower Virginia State Director. “The oil and pipeline company led by brothers Charles and David Koch has spent decades – and tens of millions of dollars – funding groups that defend the interests of big oil, and yet most Americans have no idea who they are.”

    Local winner Massey Energy was chosen because some of their worst violations have occurred at their Tiller Mine No. 1, located in Tazewell County Virginia. Massey Energy is the fourth largest coal company in the United States and the largest in Central Appalachia with their headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Massey has a long record of negligence about worker safety and the environment, especially at Tiller Mine No. 1 which averages 550 safety violations per-year.  Massey’s Tiller Mine No. 1 has an injury rate 40% higher than the Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia and twice the national average.

    For more information on Repower America’s 2010 Snake Oil Awards, visit www.snakeoilawards.com.


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