No Whipple Clips Today


    I received an email from Tom Whipple stating, “Due to logistical problems there will not be a Va News on Monday and Tues November. 8 & 9.”  Not getting my morning “Whipple Clips” reminds me how valuable these are, and what a great public service Tom Whipple’s performing in putting them together every day. My understanding is that he does this by hand, that it takes hours, and that he has to get up really REALLY early to get them out by 6 am or so. All for no monetary compensation. Now that’s dedication – thanks Tom!

    In lieu of the Whipple Clips, here are a few links I think are interesting.  

    1. 4 competitors protest award of $2.6 billion IT contract to Northrop Grumman

    2. EPA tries to get Chesapeake Bay cleanup back on track

    3. Area food banks struggle to meet demand as need grows

    4. Arlington County must participate in federal immigration program

    5. Metro wants rider input on new rail car design

    6. MSNBC says Olbermann will be back on air Tuesday

    7. Most in Hampton Roads are content, survey finds

    8. GOP girds for fight to make good on promises to voters

    9. Eric Cantor on the rise

    10. Virginia Republicans Delighted to See Pendulum Sway

    11. County Officials to Again Fight for Ban or Tax on Plastic Bags


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