Obama Approval Ratings vs. Clinton’s and Reagan’s: Doomed, Doomed I Say!


    Courtesy of Gallup, here are the approval ratings for Presidents Obama, Clinton and Reagan at the same points in their presidencies. As we know, both Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan were failed, 1-term presidents who…oh wait, they weren’t?  You mean they actually rebounded from low approval ratings and massive losses in their first mid-term elections to be reelected 2 years later in landslides?  But isn’t Barack Obama supposed to be doomed, doomed I say?  Not to say that he’s not in a tough spot right now, given the Bush Great Recession he inherited (that is now HIS Great Recession, unfortunately), but let’s not get carried away about Obama being seriously primaried  in 2012 (zero chance of that) or of him being a political “goner” because of the mid-term results and mediocre approval ratings (47%-45% in the latest Gallup results). Check back on this in a year or so, then we’ll see…


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