Ombudsman: “Post needs to beef up its coverage of allegations against Kaplan”


    I completely agree, the “Post needs to beef up its coverage of allegations against Kaplan”. I also agree that it’s pretty hard to do that when “Kaplan, the fast-growing education subsidiary of the parent Washington Post Co…provides well over half the revenue for the entire corporation.” Can we say “massive conflict of interest?” How about, “so much for the ‘firewall’ between advertising and editorial/news content?” Still, if the Washington Kaplan Post has any pretense to still being a real newspaper, and not just a subsidiary of the slimeball industry that Kaplan’s a leading member of, it’s time for them to step up to the plate.

    They can start right here in Virginia, where we’ve got a race going on right now for chair of the state Democratic Party. In that race, we have one candidate who’s a top lobbyist for Kaplan’s industry – for profit “education.”  Amazingly, this candidate’s lobby shop is now running a significant TV ad campaign against the Obama Administration and other Democrats who are trying to rein in Kaplan et al.

    You know, it would be great if a real newspaper – apparently, the Washington Kaplan Post no longer qualifies as one – would dig into this story. Then again, there are so many other important things to print in their pages, like the latest climate “skepticism” from Bjorn Lomborg and George Will, pabulum about how President Obama shouldn’t run for reelection, David Broder’s 6,872nd plaintive plea for “centrism” and “bipartisanship,” etc. Anything to drive traffic, obviously, yet the Post still can’t figure out how to do what their sugar daddies in the for-profit “education” scam have figured out – how to make a profit! Maybe they should sign up for an online class on the subject? I wouldn’t be surprised if one’s offered, and given this industry’s business model, Kaplan Post employees should have a decent shot at getting federal student loan money to help them pay for their “education!”  Heh.

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