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Rousselot: “I will serve full-time” as DPVA Chair


Thanks to Peter Rousselot for this statement. As of yet, no word from Brian Moran, but I expect to hear from him any minute. Tick tick tick tick tick…

Statement From Peter Rousselot

I have promised that if I am elected Chair of the DPVA, I will serve full-time in that position. I have outlined an ambitious set of strategic priorities that the next Chair of DPVA should pursue. I have made proposals about Messaging, Organizing (my 134-locality strategy), Candidate Recruitment and Training, Electronic Communications, Coordination of the Work of Major Stakeholders, and Fundraising http://www.peterforchair.com/i…

The challenges and opportunities facing DPVA are so significant that DPVA’s next Chair should spend full time on them. At present, there is no provision in the DPVA budget to pay a salary or to provide a benefits package for the next DPVA Chair. To pay for the strategic priorities DPVA ought to pursue will require a significant increase in DPVA’s budget before providing any money for a salary and benefits package for the next Chair.

It is hard to argue with the idea that more qualified candidates might seek the DPVA Chair position if that position offered a salary and benefits package. For the foreseeable future, however, it would not be wise to assume that funds for such a salary and benefits package could be raised on top of the substantial additional funds DPVA needs to fund the strategic priorities that I support.


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