Faux “News” Explicitly Directed to Misinform People on Climate Science


    Just how heinous Faux “News” is becomes clearer every day. Here’s the latest, courtesy of the National Wildlife Federation and Media Matters:

    The watchdog organization Media Matters has uncovered disturbing new internal emails from the Washington bureau of Fox News. The emails suggest Fox News’ slanted coverage of climate science isn’t the result of a subtle bias, but of a deliberate directive from Fox News management to falsely represent science

    It’s horrifying, but sadly not surprising, that Faux is doing this.  Basically, as National Wildlife Federation President & CEO Larry Schweiger says, “Walter Cronkite’s journalistic values are gone, and Glenn Beck’s are in.” (Note: for more on what “Glenn Beck values” really means, see Christopher Hitchens’ brilliant take). And we wonder why people are so utterly misinformed about climate science, not to mention about so many other things, when they watch this far-right-wingnut, fossil-fuel-industry propaganda 24/7, while avoiding real science, which clearly shows that “manmade global warming is unprecedented in magnitude, speed & cause?”

    P.S. Of course, here in Virginia, we’ve got one of the worst of the worst heading up the Attorney General’s office. WTF?!?


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