“He doesn’t give a damn about his team. Nor does he seem to care about his teammates.”


    What Chap Petersen said about Albert Haynesworth.

    Here’s the problem:  He doesn’t give a damn about his team.  Nor does he seem to care about his teammates.

    In the off-season, Haynesworth was the ONLY REDSKIN to miss off-season workouts, despite the fact that he makes more money than anyone on the team.  He skipped the mini-camp.  He begged off most the training camp as “sick” (whatever that means) and/or unable to perform a conditioning drill that was hardly taxing for a professional athlete.  He refuses apparently to talk to his coaches.  

    Two weeks ago, in the Eagles game, I was in the stands when Haynesworth “laid down” on a pass rush and basically rested while the play continued.  I have never seen that before, not even in high school JV games.

    Is this a joke?

    If it is a joke, it’s a really bad one.  Good riddance Albert Haynesworth?  We can only hope.


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