in VA, Ds v Rs on truthfulness


    as just included in an email from Bob Holsworth:  

    Politifact Scorecard: D’s v. R’s

    The latest innovation in the Virginia political reporting is the initiation of a state version of Politifact, headed by the highly respected, veteran newsman, Warren Fiske. It was started by the RTD in the latter stages of the 2008 campaign and has now become a regular feature. My sense is that political insiders pay attention to it and especially enjoy it when someone gets caught with their “pants on fire.”

    But how are the D’s and R’s faring overall?  I went on the Politifact site this week and this is what I’ve found.

    Democratic Political Figures (13 Claims)

       * True- 1

       * Mostly True- 4

       * Half True- 3

       * Barely True-3

       * False-2

    Republican Political Figures (13 Claims)

       * True- 2

       * Mostly True-1

       * Half True- 2

       * Barely True- 1

       * False- 5

       * Pants on Fire- 2

    54% of the Republican claims have been deemed false or pants on fire while 15% of Democratic claims have been false on Politifact’s truthometer. No Democrat has had to deal with “pants on fire.”

    Do Republicans simply enjoy political hyperbole and rhetorical flourishes more?

    Or is this another example of media prejudice against the GOP?

    I’m just reporting, you decide.


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