Peter Galuszka on “The New Geography of Racism”


    One of the best writers in the Virginia blogosphere, one who definitely deserves more exposure, is Peter Galuszka of Bacon’s Rebellion. His latest piece is called “The New Geography of Racism”, and it’s a good one, clearly explaining how new “settlement patterns are sparking racism that had seemed to be abating in America.”

    …many Hispanics are drawn to outer suburbs by lower living costs, as well as by once-plentiful construction jobs that went bust with the recession.

    This helps to explain why Stafford County is proposing to get tough on illegal immigrants, and why Prince William County, led by board of supervisors chairman and rising state politician Corey A. Stewart, cracked down starting in 2007.

    Prince William’s law prodded many Hispanics to leave the county, regardless of their immigration status or citizenship, because they felt they were being profiled by police. Stewart wants to take the Prince William experience statewide with his “Virginia Rule of Law” campaign.

    And now, Corey Stewart is hoping to bring what he calls the “rule of law” to the entire Commonwealth. Well, sorry, but that’s a “geography of racism” – or xenophobia, or whatever you want to call it – we can do without!


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