US Navy Infiltrated By Climate Change Conspirator


    Time for Cooch to sharpen the quill. The United States Navy has been infiltrated. The worldwide climate change conspiracy has a mole with the rank of Admiral and a PhD in Meteorology. He’s a scientist and can’t be trusted! He relies on physics! Sue to nullify sea level rise now!

    Admiral David Titley, USN, Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy responds to a question from Cathy Lewis, Executive Producer at WHRO in Norfolk, Virginia, about how he answers climate change skeptics. “…basically, try to walk through the physics at a very, very basic, conceptual level…we know the climate’s changing. There’s just too much data for us…it all lines up with a consistent picture.”

    Admiral Titley discussed three national security concerns: Arctic Ocean melting, sea level rise, and ocean water acidification. The Admiral delivered the keynote address “Climate Change and the U.S. Navy” at the Blue Planet Forum, Exploring the Bay and Beyond, conducted at Old Dominion University on 2 December, 2010. Details of his remarks will follow.


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