Virginia News Stories: 12/24/10


    I’m not sure where the “Whipple Clips” are today, maybe on Santa’s sleigh en route to Arlington. 🙂  Anyway, while Rudolph et al are getting ready, here are a few stories I found interesting this morning:

    *No. 1 Newsmaker of the Year: Fairfax County lures Northrop Grumman (Washington Business Journal)

    *Williams: Burial site may change hands, but its future remains unresolved

    *Mixed Reaction to VA Governor’s Plan for “Slave Burial Ground”

    *Jim Moran and wife LuAnn Bennett separate after six years of marriage

    *Moran defends for-profit colleges in CNBC story

    *Unemployment extension 2011 for 99ers: Scott determined 99ers bill for Jan 5th

    *Perriello Looks Back

    *Perriello earmarks not included in stopgap resolution

    *The AFP on WREL: Report blasts Virginia health care

    *Virginia puts homeowners on fast track to foreclosure

    *Wilder’s slavery museum property might face tax sale…

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