“9500 Liberty” Named to Boston Globe’s Best Movies of 2010 “Runners-Up” List


    Congratulations to Eric Byler and Annabel Park for having their documentary, “9500 Liberty,” named to Boston Globe’s Best Movies of 2010 list as one of the “runners-up.” Needless to say, it’s not too shabby to be named to a list containing critically acclaimed films like “127 Hours” and “Inception,” but if you’ve seen “9500 Liberty,” I think you’d agree. Roger Ebert certainly thought so, in his own 3 1/2-star, “two thumbs up” review.

    A few years before Arizona passed its new immigration law, a similar law was passed and then repealed in Virginia’s Prince William County. The documentary “9500 Liberty” tells the fascinating story of how that happened, and possibly foretells what lies ahead for Arizona. In Virginia, the law was eventually overturned by a combination of middle-class whites, Republican office holders, the police chief, Latinos and economic reality.

    To get more information about “9500 Liberty,” click here. With Prince William County Board chair Corey Stewart likely running for statewide office on an anti-immigrant platform, and with Corey and Cooch recently getting into a major spat about this, the subject certainly continues to be relevant.


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