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Who Is Next?


During these days of the end of one year and preparing for the next there are a lot of words and ink and electrons wasted reviewing and creating lists of the past and predictions of the future.  The Republicans are deserved of their special lists of which groups and people they have vilified in their constant march against people who are not rich and white.  

The people and groups they pick to attack have very consistent qualities. Minorities, typically by race, religion or sexual orientation, are the target.  Which one is the focus of the attacks seems to evolve over time.  There is always one that is primary, currently people with brown skin, with constant “feeler” attacks against others.

During the DADT bill you had the typical stereotypes floated out, like be afraid to bend over in the shower which is well discredited by the general population now knowing gay men and knowing that stereotype is full of dung beetles.  Expect LGBT people to be the focus of attacks again next session because there are a couple of equality bills coming up.  But, the traction of hate against gays is now a failing operation.

The Republican attack animals hit pay dirt with a phony report put together by one of their most slimy operatives with the result of Obama administration stupidity of trying to show how non-racist the Ag Dept is by doing a racist firing of Shirley Sherrod. That was a one hit wonder; however, these are the constant small attacks that are ongoing. The cost is low and the payoffs can be high.

The racist, KKK and John Birch along with the Nixon/Regan/Bush southern strategy has been with us so long it should have burned out, except the Republicans have been very successful in keeping it up.  Education should have eliminated this disgrace of the American states decades ago, except the education of our children is decided locally, allowing for the corruption and teaching of hate and ignorance. A current example is Texas.

Although black Americans are not the top legislative agenda for the Republicans, there is no way to legislate segregation as long as…forget that, they might find a way if the Dems do not stick to the reason they are Dems.  I would have had more confidence of segregation being kept in the trash can, but with the beginning of end of Social Security I can no longer be that confident.

Right now brown people are the focus of the Republican misinformation and hate.  Even today there are articles about how the R’s and a few bad Dems are going to put the screws to brown people even more than they are now.  The idiocy is to be ramped up even higher. I can imagine the hate speech to be fomented in the House and the calling for the completed demise of posse comitatis and more billions wasted on the Berlin walls of the U.S. along with borders.  Just as the Berlin Wall signaled failure of the Soviet and East German governments, the failure of the U.S. is with the Mexican wall.

But, no matter how much the Republicans attack and destroy people with brown skin, they are working on their next target. At some point the general public tires of their attacks and reject the premise of hate against a group.  It is the next target that Dems need to identify now and start the work of thwarting the attacks. If possible reverse the attacks to make the Republicans suffer for it.

Which is the next group?

I suspect the attack on Muslim’s will intensify. There are reports floating out with Republican House members wanting to hold hearings on religions they consider to be non-American.  In particular are Muslim, often referred to in derogatory ways.

I also suspect they will start a preemptive move against repeal of DOMA by using the religion hearings to isolate Christian religions that are open against the religions that are not open to same sex marriage. The meme will be the same lie used throughout the last decade of “forcing clergy to perform gay marriage”. Religion is exempt from the laws – it is a lie to even suggest churches will be forced to perform marriages. Many religions will not marry their own followers for many reasons, so it is a lie to state that gay marriage will be forced on them.

Unemployed people will probably face the same fate as those on welfare under Regan, a thoroughly nasty person.  Remember the “welfare queens” used by Reagan and quite a few Dems to create more poverty than before, quite simply – demonize the minority, create sound byte lies, pass legislation destroying them and another group of non-white people notched on the cannon of hate and greed.  The Calvanistic and Malthus idiocy is going to be spread very heavy in the coming months.  Not that the truth has no opportunity to be heard, “there are no jobs”, it will be attacked as a lie from those protecting the lazy and slackers sucking on the teats of the government.

Social Security will be there too. As always.  The Republicans have wanted to destroy it from the time FDR created it. And they finally have a Dem in office who seems to be complicit in the effort.  The State of the Union address will be the deciding factor here.

There are many targets available for the Republicans to attack next once the attacks on brown people starts to fail.

Which one is next?

I think the unemployed will be it, probably concurrent with the attempt to drive all people of brown skin color from the U.S.  It is easy to keep attacking those without power and the unemployed consist of many people of color. That will help with the demonization and attacks.


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