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Classic Hardball Discussion on Palin and Bachmann


Melinda Henneberger (Politics Daily): …I was very offended hearing [Sarah Palin] talk about the “WTF moment” [in the State of the Union address]. That’s so 7th grade, that’s so disrespectful of the office that I don’t think she’s even serious about wanting to run for the presidency. I think that if she were she wouldn’t be speaking in a way that really does not make her look like a pro.

Chris Matthews: I’m a little slow on this, a friend of mine always say BTW (by the way), and some people say oh my god (OMG) and of course what the we’re used to that other word.  But you’re right, here’s a woman running for president perhaps, talking like this. Josh, what do you make of this…I think it’s childish and playing to the peanut gallery with this kind of talk, not really playing it like you’re really running for president…But I’m offended by the absolute, seems to be, weird sense of American history we’re getting from her and Bachmann. The other night Bachmann was talking about slavery was ended by the Founding Fathers, we didn’t have to have a Civil War or any of the fights that went on in the U.S. Congress all through the early 19th century with the compromises of Henry Clay and all that…none of it ever happened. And now we’ve got, we lost the space race to the Soviets and that bankrupted them.  Don’t they have some floor of knowledge they have to have for these people on the right to think of them as presidential material?

Josh Marshall: You know, apparently not…

And that, my friends, sums up the state of today’s Republican Party in a nutshell: no “floor of knowledge,” let alone of basic sanity, to be a candidate in that party, even a candidate for the highest office in the land. The only question is, how can anyone take a party seriously which acts this way? And why would they?

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