Far-Right-Wing Washington Examiner: “Obama showed grace and wisdom in Tucson”


    Before today, I don’t believe I’ve ever read an editorial in the far, far, FAR right-wing Washington Examiner that had a positive thing to say about Democrats, liberals, or President Obama. A quick, review of recent editorials brings us, for instance, “Obama’s $5-a-gallon gas just ahead” (huh?!?), “Obama’s carbon deals kill jobs, benefit Big Business” (outright lie), “Obama’s carbon deals kill jobs, benefit Big Business” (here come the “death panels” again), “Obama’s regulators kowtow to Big Green, imperil economy” (another Big Lie), “Closing the books on the worst Congress” (actually, it was one of the most productive and significant Congresses ever, not thanks to Republicans), “Breast cancer drug offers glimpse of death panels” (more insanity), “Obama’s henchman goes rogue to ‘guard’ Internet” (right, that’s why many liberals weren’t happy with Julius Genachowski’s “net neutrality” proposal), “Defying the will of the people, Obama governs by regulation” (actually, that’s part of every president’s job and they all do it; it’s part of our government system and has been…uh, forever); and “‘Pelosi-nomics’ requires willing suspension of reason” (no, actually, reading the Washington Examiner is what requires “suspension of reason”).

    All of these examples just to show how “out there” in far-right-wing la-la land the Washington Examiner is, and thus how shocked and amazed I was to see the headline this morning, “Obama showed grace and wisdom in Tucson.” Yes, of course the Examiner had to mention “the constant distraction of inappropriate yelling and applauding from the audience,” but even in that context, it only made them admire Obama’s “masterful” performance even more. What next, lions lying down with lambs, Eric Cantor admitting that “Obamacare” and “cap-and-trade” are both largely Republican ideas his party supported until fairly recently? Heh.

    Anyway, the Examiner editorial makes me wonder three things: 1) did Obama’s speech actually have its desired effect, even in the short run, in urging Americans to be as good as Christina imagined it; 2) where does that leave the (thankfully small) handful of right-wing bloggers who didn’t like Obama’s Tucson speech; and 2) what is this world coming to? 🙂


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