“Felix Macacawitz” to Announce Candidacy Tomorrow


    Per Politico.

    Former Sen. George Allen will end weeks of speculation and formally declare his candidacy for U.S. Senate in Virginia on Monday, two Republican advisers tell POLITICO.

    Allen, who has been making all the moves of a candidate in recent weeks, is expected to blast an e-mail to supporters with a video message before alerting the media.

    In honor of Allen’s announcement, let’s welcome him to the race with video from the last time around. This should be fun! 🙂

    • Cool_Arrow

      Nothing will energize Democrats and sane indepedents like a racist trying to represent them. Virginia’s growing diversity and increased minority turnout combined with Allen’s high negatives don’t give him a very high ceiling. If Webb runs again I hope he does it soon and starts raising money ASAP.  

    • nubiandem

      you should post that youtube video…the macaca blues

    • libra

      is still mute on the subject of running… George (call me Macaca) Allen must be pretty sure Webb is gonna pass, to have announced his candidacy. I can’t imagine him volunteering for a second dose of hosing.

    • 1.  Water won’t flow uphill.

      2.  Payday comes on Friday.

      3.  The big pieces always float to the top.

    • It should be at an energetic rally with supporters, not in a slickly produced video.  The flags should wave in real time, not slow-motion.

    • courtesy of CNN:

      George Allen’s offensive macaca moment will be the least of his worries. Allen is a Republican establishment candidate who spent his years in Washington shilling for corporate interests, wildly spending taxpayer dollars, and racking up our national debt. We don’t come across a lot of voters these days hungering for that type of experience.

    • aznew

      Allen’s biggest problem, however, is that by today’s standards, Allen is something of a moderate Republican, in the sense that he is not an extremist anti-government zealot.

      In this sense, Virginia will be a microcosm of the Republican’s larger problem. The Tea Party was a great asset to the GOP in an off-year election, where passion counts for more than wide appeal. In a Presidential year, of course, the opposite is true.

      So, it remains to be seen whether the GOP can convince the Tea Party regulars to behave (Deal Leader Dick Armey, of course, is already on board with the program) and channel their passions constructively, while the adults try to recapture the WH and Senate, or whether the Tea Party really is a grass roots movement comprised of regular folks who are people of principle.

      While most of the Tea Party people are, in fact, just the usual extremist right wing elements of the GOP that have always been there, the phenomenon does seem to have brought a lot of new people into the fold who really seem to believe in their hearts the propaganda they are being asked to peddle.