“Whenever you are ready, my friend”


    That’s Sen. Donald McEachin’s message
    to Jim Webb this morning, as “Felix Macacawitz” gets ready to announce that he’s taking his horse, noose, severed deer head, and gaffe machine on the road for yet another spin. I guess “Felix” (for those who don’t remember, that’s Allen’s middle name, after his French Tunisian Jewish grandfather, Felix Lumbroso) must think he did so well last time, it’s got to be easier in a presidential year, with maximum turnout among all the “macacas” out there (people of color, the way George Allen apparently sees it, or maybe “real Virginians?”) coming out to vote for President Obama. Brilliant, I wonder if Dick Wad(hams) is advising Felix again! LOL

    P.S. Back in December 2010, Mark Plotkin asked Webb whether he’d be interested in replacing Bob Gates as Defense Secretary. Webb didn’t give a “Shermanesque” response, but he said he was happy where he was, was not looking for a “trade” to Defense Secretary, and loves working on the “breadth” of issues (economics, criminal justice reform, etc.) he gets to deal with in the Senate.

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