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Help target GOP hypocrisy on health care reform!


Huffington Post describes an excellent new campaign against Republican hypocrisy on health care reform.

A coalition of Democratic groups and progressive bloggers launched a new campaign on Thursday focusing attention on Republican members of Congress who voted to repeal health care reform while getting their own coverage on the taxpayer’s dime.

Money raised on this campaign will be put into ads targeting specific Republican members of Congress. The basic assumption is that each sets of ads will cost about $2,500 for local radio inside of the congressional district. Here in Virginia, I’d love to see this ad running against Robert Hurt, Scott Rigell, and Morgan Griffith in particular, since they were just elected and are newly-minted health care hypocrites. Also, since they’re freshmen, they’re potentially more vulnerable in 2012 than entrenched incumbents like Goodlatte, Cantor, etc.

If you’re interested in this campaign, please click here and give $10 or whatever. Every little bit helps. Thanks!


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