Krupicka’s Announcement Makes it Three Democrats for Sen. Ticer’s Seat


    Make that three Democrats for Sen. Ticer’s seat (assuming she retires this year as widely expected). The latest candidate is Alexandria Councilman Rob Krupicka.

    If Senator Ticer decides to retire, I plan to run for the 30th State Senate District and I’d like to ask for your help and support.

    In addition to Krupicka, it is widely assumed that Del. Adam Ebbin (D-49th) and Arlington School Board member Libby Garvey will all be running for the Democratic nomination in the 30th Senate District. Of course, given uncertainty over redistricting, we don’t have a good idea what the 30th Senate District will look like this year. What happens if it changes in a big way? And how does anyone plan a race, given all the uncertainty? Got me, but it should be fascinating to watch.

    Here’s a bit of political background on these candidates. In 2005, Libby Garvey finished second to David Englin in a Democratic primary for the 45th House of Delegates district. Garvey was an early supporter of Jim Webb in 2006, calling Webb the candidate who could “unite all the people of Virginia and bring common sense solutions to Washington.” In 2009, Garvey endorsed Brian Moran for governor, but in 2010 she endorsed Peter Rousselot for DPVA chair.  Both Ebbin and Krupicka endorsed Harris Miller for Senate in 2006. Both Ebbin and Krupicka supported Brian Moran for governor in 2009. Krupicka endorsed Brian Moran for DPVA chair in 2010, while Ebbin remained neutral.  A few more factoids: Ebbin is the first openly gay member of the Virginia General Assembly; Krupicka “is a technology and media consultant and has served on the Alexandria City Council since 2003;” and Libby Garvey is a founding/steering committee member of GWEN (Get Women Elected Now).

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