Note to Roanoke Times: You Don’t HAVE To Endorse Someone, You Know!


    Sometimes, “teh stupid” is so hot, it burns. Badly.  This endorsement of Republican House of Delegates candidate Greg Habeeb, by the normally super-liberal Roanoke Times editorial board, is one of those cases.

    If Salem attorney Greg Habeeb succeeds in his effort to replace Morgan Griffith in the House of Delegates, we don’t expect to cheer many of his votes.

    Habeeb is a deeply conservative individual who believes that, even after years of punishing budget cuts, state government remains too large.

    He believes, as he put it when he announced his intent to run for the seat left vacant when Griffith beat Rep. Rick Boucher, that, “Government isn’t always the problem, but it is rarely the solution.”

    We disagree with him vehemently on both of those fundamental notions and, we suspect, on many other issues he would face as a delegate.

    Despite that, we believe he is the better candidate in the Jan. 11 election, and we are recommending that voters of the 8th District send him to Richmond.

    Huh? This liberal editorial board is endorsing a total right wingnut – see his website’s issues section for his commitment to the usual “conservative” ideals, including “sanctity of life and marriage,” “the Constitution means what it says and says what it means” (constitutional originalism and inerrancy), “reducing the size of government and keeping taxes low” (natch), “working to increase access to private schooling or home schooling,” blah blah blah – over a mainstream Democrat who’s been endorsed by Mark Warner, the Farm Team, Roanoke County Clerk of Court Steve McGraw, etc? And why is the Roanoke Times doing this? Because, they claim, the Democrat supposedly is “ill-prepared to serve?” Based on…???

    OK, look, I’ve never met or spoken with Ginger Mumpower. I basically know nothing about this person. But, just for argument’s sake, let’s say she really is “ill-prepared to serve,” as the Roanoke Times claims. Then, the choices for this liberal (pro-environment, pro-choice, pro-gay-rights, etc.) editorial board would be: a) endorse her anyway; b) don’t endorse anyone; c) do something that makes absolutely no sense and endorse the conservative, right-wing Republican in the race. So, obviously, they pick option…that’s right, “c”. Brilliant!

    Actually, far more brilliant would have been simply not to endorse anyone at all. Note to Roanoke Times and other legacy media editorial boards out there: you don’t HAVE to endorse someone, you know. Just thought I’d point that out to you guys. You’re welcome. 🙂

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