“Save your Confederate money, boys . . .”


    Bob Marshall does it again.


    The Manassas News & Messenger:

    “We can’t mint money, but we can mint gold and silver coins,” Marshall said Wednesday night. “It sounds like a small difference, but it is a difference legally. If you look closely on a [dollar] bill, it doesn’t say that it’s money. It says it is legal tender ‘for all debts, public and private.'”

    He also believes that this could only be the beginning of a change to the current economic system.

    “Once Virginia leads the way, other [states] will see this,” Marshall said. “We need to get out of a lethargic mode of acceptance. A gold and silver system puts the power back with the people and not with a private group of bankers.”


    So, Bob Marshall now wants Virginia to mint its own coins!!!!

    I’m glad I followed my ol’ Granddaddy’s advice to “Save that Confederate money, son, the South’s gonna rise again!!!!”

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