“Sideshow Bob” Embarrasses Himself, Virginia on Faux


    Great job by Claire Gastanaga of Equality Virginia in demolishing Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall on his loony legislation to prevent gays from serving openly in the Virginia National Guard. It’s just sad that we have a clown like Marshall out there, embarrassing himself and – far worse – embarrassing Virginia on this matter, and on so many other matters. Of course, we also have our Attorney General doing the same thing on a much larger scale, so I guess it’s all relative, but still…ugh.

    • Catzmaw

      to respond to Bob’s response.  To say that the National Guard has different standards doesn’t mean they have different classes. Their standards tend to be more liberal in terms of who may apply, not more restrictive, and the differences have to do with things like fitness, background, and age.

    • Catzmaw

      that states may decide on their own standards for service separate from the federal standard, then would what stop them from banning or limiting minorities or women from enlistment?


    • Not Barney Frank

       Delegate Bob Marshall has demonstrated why he is elected every two years by an overwhelming majority.

    • Glen Tomkins

      I’m disappointed that Gastanaga failed to pin Marshall down on what is clearly the more important issue that he raises in his opening statement, the age of the earth.

      Bob clearly follows Bishop Ussher in his belief that the age of the earth can be determined by a careful toting up of all those “begats” in Genesis.  You reach some time about 4,000 BCE if you use that method, though the good bishop made some assumptions that allowed for quite a bit more exact a date, pinning it down to the day.

      Ms Gastanaga should have asked him to name an exact date.  That would have gotten at the meat of what Bob had to say.  Gay rights seems positively trivial in comparison.  We fail to grant Del. Marshall his proper place in our public discourse if we let his more trivial concerns drown out his more weighty arguments about the fundamentals.