Sign the Petition: “End Kaplan University’s Deceptive Practices”


    Courtesy of, I encourage everyone to sign this petition. Also, I’d presume that all Virginia Democrats would support this effort against the for-profit “education” industry. Even these guys. Right? 🙂

    I’m writing you today to tell you that I stand with the group of former Kaplan University students who are urging Washington Post Chairman Donald Graham to shut down Kaplan University until he enacts meaningful changes to the way students’ grievances are resolved.

    More and more former Kaplan students are coming forward with horror stories about the bogus classes, surprise fees and deceptive policies they encountered as they struggled to achieve the American dream.

    This massive nationwide controversy is a black mark on the name of the Washington Post. To date, the Washington Post’s leadership has denied these stories and discounted their truth. As you’ve seen, this has only led to lawsuits, media stories and a more negative reputation for the Post, for Kaplan and the entire for-profit college industry.

    To resolve the myriad complaints from students in the spirit in which they are made, Kaplan and the Washington Post must commit to creating an independent third-party office to moderate and resolve the many issues held by current students and former students.

    I stand with the group of former Kaplan University Students, led by Shannon Croteau, who are demanding that admissions to Kaplan University be shut down until you end your deceptive practices.


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