Top Virginia Stories for Thursday, January 27


    No “Whipple Clips” this morning, so here are a few Virginia stories I think are worth checking out.

    1. Washington stumbles to its feet after hard-hitting storm

    2. Snow brings school closings, delays

    3. Ruminations on redistricting: Why Bob Goodlatte is a problem for Republicans

    4. Virginia associations and chambers endorse McDonnell’s “Top Jobs” legislation

    5. ‘We expect a good year for 2011,’ ODU economic team predicts<?a>

    Va. state parks see record 8.1M visitors in 2010

    7. Pace picks up for health care appeal

    8. Va. Beach OKs governor’s $50K request on wind study

    9. McDonnell blames the wrong culprit on tuition costs

    10. Could be 10 years to get back to work

    11. Virginia Redistricting: Protecting Incumbents Again?

    12. Allen for Virginia in 2012?

    13. Opposition to Va. coal-fired plant lauded

    UPDATE: Also, pretty much the entire American Jewish community is outraged over Faux “News” constant references to Nazis, the Holocaust, etc.  

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