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Tea Party Leader Gloats Over Tucson Massacre


Tea Partiers – and the Republican Party, which has fully embraced the Tea Party movement – keep wondering why everyone keeps tying their violent rhetoric to actual incidents of violence.

That argument was not helped tonight by Nigel Coleman. The Danville Tea Party leader, who posted the address of Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother to his Facebook page just hours before the gas line at that home was cut, is now having a good laugh about the Tucson massacre:

Tea Party Leader Gloats Over Tucson Massacre

Look, we learned exactly how tough Nigel Coleman is when he shamefully sold out his alleged principles boldly endorsed that overprivileged Manhattanite rebel Robert Hurt for Congress.

Does Nigel Coleman understand how real men talk to each other & accomplish their goals? Did Ronald Reagan or John Warner ever have to threaten anyone to win the day? What a sad, pathetic excuse for a man Nigel Coleman is.  


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