Two Virginia Special Elections Tomorrow


    Frequently at Blue Virginia, we are contacted by Virginia Democratic political candidates, wanting our help in posting press releases, in asking people to volunteer for them, etc. We are happy to help out in the vast majority of cases, barring some overriding reason (e.g., the person’s corrupt or a total “DINO” or whatever) why we shouldn’t.  Tomorrow’s contests in 19th Senate District and the 8th House of Delegates districts would have been no exception to that rule, except for one problem: we never heard a word from either campaign. Nada. Zip. Zero. Given that, combined with the high likelihood that these are both “safe Republican” districts (unfortunately), combined with the fact that there’s been a lot else going on, combined with nobody sending us any updates/photos/videos/anything from “on the ground” in the districts, means that we’ve barely covered these races.  Sigh…

    Having said all that, we certainly hope that Pittsylvania Board Chairman Hank Davis somehow manages a “win” in the 19th State Senate district, and we hope that Ginger Mumpower does the same in the 8th House of Delegates district.  


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