Eugene Delgaudio: Radical Homosexual Pirates Invade Tampa; Loudoun County Next?


    Yes, the guy who wrote this really, truly is on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors (Sterling district).

    When the young men are sufficiently intoxicated, homosexuals dressed as pirates whisk them away to God knows where to take advantage of them sexually.

    There are even countless stories of any number of immoral sex act being performed by open homosexuals – some even in broad daylight during the event.

    Pro-family citizens and churches in Tampa are horrified and unfortunately VASTLY outnumbered and overwhelmed by the popularity of the event.

    One mother complained her three year old had witnessed a man performing oral sex on a Jack Sparrow look alike in her front yard.

    As long as the Radical Homosexuals run free in our streets, they will continue to spread their debauchery and corrupt our culture.

    Well. I don’t know about you, but I’m SHOCKED at this behavior, and believe it must be stamped out immediately – by Eugene Delgaudio personally, or maybe with his Public Advocate army (to fight the pirate navy, of course). Anyway, let’s just hope these radical gay pirates don’t make it out to the peaceful, non-debauched environs of Loudoun County. I mean, you know how those pirates are a hornswaggling collection of picaroons and freebooters. And, shiver me timbers, you know they’d dance the hempen jig on the poop deck with the landlubbers when they’ve had a few black jacks of grog. I’ll tell you, it’s enough to make the good citizens of Sterling have the Davies!

    UPDATE: For a lot more on Eugene Delgaudio, click here and learn what he thinks of “Thousands of men in bright neon bikinis”, the “Homosexual Classrooms Act,” his Gay TSA Conspiracy Theory,” etc.


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