With Jim Webb Out, Draft Sites for Possible Senate Candidates Are Springing Up


    This is actually quite amusing. So…would you prefer to:

    *Draft Gerry Connolly or

    *Draft Rick Boucher

    *Draft Glenn Nye (hahahahahaha)

    *Draft Tim Kaine

    or my personal favorite…

    *Draft Tom Perriello

    So far, 3 people like Draft Rick Boucher on Facebook. Draft Gerry Connolly has 6 people who like it on Facebook. Draft Tim Kaine has 177 people who “like” it on Facebook. That compares to the 623 people who “like” Draft Tom Perriello for U.S. Senate on Facebook and the 499 people who’ve signed the Draft Tom Perriello petition. Of course, Draft Glenn Nye 2012 has its very own website, with the subtitle, “The birthplace of the trend that’s sweeping the nation! Draft Glenn Nye!” LOL

    Also, here on Blue Virginia, we’ve got a (completely unscientific) poll going with 84 votes so far. As of 3:37 pm, Tom Perriello is in first place with 55%, Tim Kaine second with 20%, Glenn Nye third with 7%, Rick Boucher fourth with 6%, Donald McEachin fifth with 4%, and Gerry Connolly tied with George Allen for eighth with 1%. Ha, gotta love it! Also, where’s my DRAFT GREEN MILES Facebook and Twitter pages?  I want to join!!! LOL

    UPDATE: Also, check out the Kaplan Post, which devotes 6 times as many paragraphs to the Draft Kaine group as the Draft Tom Perriello group, even though the Draft Perriello effort is many times larger. Of course, this is the same “newspaper” that endorsed Harris Miller over Jim Webb in 2006…’nuff said.


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