PPP Solicits Advice on VA-Sen Polling Questions


    PPP PollsPublic Policy Polling announces they are going to poll the Virginia Senate race, and they are seeking question suggestions:

    In Virginia definitely going to do Tim Kaine and Tom Perriello vs. George Allen and Jamie Radtke. Thoughts on any other people to include? Also question ideas beyond the Senate race that you're interested in would be appreciated as well.

    Personally, I'd like to see the data broken down geographically by Congressional District, if possible, and I'd definitely like to see Obama favorability as it compares to TK/TP support. Others have already suggested the usual suspects to poll, including Boucher, Nye, Scott, and Connolly. I'd also be interested in seeing some policy-based questions to see how suburban voters feel about Tom's abortion stance and gun stance. Any other ideas?

    Feel free to tweet at them at @PPPpolls or write on their Facebook wall.


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