Republican Focus Group or The Onion? You Decide


    I kept waiting for Frank Luntz to stop, turn to the camera, and say “Hahahahahaha, you guys didn’t think this was SERIOUS, did you?”  He doesn’t, of course, because incredibly, this is not a joke. These are real Republicans in a real focus group (for Faux “News”), and they’re really saying the bats*** crazy s*** they’re saying. Can we say “Total Obama Derangement Syndrome?” How about just “completely bonkers?” That, boys and girls, is today’s Republican Party. Ugh.

    P.S. Speaking of bats*** crazy, check this out:

    Claiming that “eco-extremists” want to force people to move into “feudalistic transit villages,” a Virginia tea party leader is attacking Virginia’s conservative House speaker for supporting a policy that loosens government regulation over development in some areas of the state.


    The claim that any of this would take anyone out of any homes is so ridiculous as to be laughable, except for the fact that the tea party groups have acquired significant influence over national and state legislators.

    Scary times we live in, when people who formerly would have been on the lunatic fringe of American politics – John Birch Society, etc. – are now actually listened, taken seriously, and even elected to Congress and state legislatures across the country. Is this how Rome and other great empires declined, by turning into idiocracies?


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