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I’m sharing this link


with you because I’m simply astounded that The Richmonder would post such nonsense on his blog.  Why does he feel the need to continue to antagonize Draft Perriello supporters? Please make sure to click on the links he has included in his article…they are sophomoric.  I assume placed there in attempt to insult those of us who are Perriello supporters.

I believe we have all basically said that if Tim Kaine is the nominee that we will support him.  We have criticized the process (coronation) of Mr. Kaine.  We have written about our admiration of Tom Perriello and why we believe Tom should be the candidate for US Senate.

The Richmonder has accused us of bashing Tim Kaine, of being nutty, of embarrassing Tom. Now he accuses us of an outlandish plan to disrupt Tim Kaine’s introduction of Governor O’Malley at the JJ Dinner Saturday evening.

In my opinion it is he, The Richmonder, who embarrasses his candidate, Tim Kaine.


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