Tim Kaine, “Just Say No.”


    From all indications an article I read on Politico confirms my feelings that Tim Kaine is very conflicted about the decision he is confronted with…to be a senator or not.

    He lists all the reasons why this decision is hard….

    “It’s hard, because I don’t know what we’re going to do. It’s hard because I like this job. It’s hard because being the head of the party is so important. It’s hard because I’m proud of the things Democrats are doing.”

    When asked whether he wants to be a senator, he could not bring himself to answer the question directly.

    Though he’s full of enthusiasm for his current job, he doesn’t display the same level of eagerness about the prospect of serving in the Senate. Asked whether he actually wants to be a senator, Kaine said, “People I care deeply about have impressed upon me that this is an important time” for the Senate.

    He also would not give a timetable for his decision.  

    I sincerely appreciate Tim Kaine’s service to Virginia.  However, I personally don’t want a candidate who doesn’t want to be my Senator.  

    He cannot relate a single personal reason to run other than the wants of his friends.  However, he easily lists several reasons why he doesn’t want to give up his current job.  Shouldn’t Tim Kaine “Just Say No?”  

    You can read the Politico story here:



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