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For Once, I Agree with Scott McCaffrey?!?


As much as I hate to do it (because he’s a right wingnut who despises “liberals” and environmentalists and runs a glorified real-estate rag of a “newspaper”), I’ve gotta agree with Arlington Sun-Gazette editor Scott McCaffrey on this point:

Kudos to the group that has raised funds to keep the [David M. Brown Planetarium] open. It’s just unfortunate that they were forced to do so: If the planetarium is worth keeping open, it is worth using tax dollars to do so.

Getting into the habit of requiring groups to raise funds to keep government facilities alive (County Board members shook down supporters of Gulf Branch Nature Center for cash, and the same is likely to happen to boosters of Lubber Run Amphitheatre) is nothing short of tacky in the “world-class” community Arlington purports to be.

Agreed, it’s “tacky.” It’s also absurd, given how wealthy Arlington is and how we’ve seemingly got endless money to waste on resodding school playgrounds and giving failed county managers large bonuses and stuff like that…


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