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Honorary Cat Food Commissioner, Mark Warner


On behalf of the Catfood Commission, otherwise known as the so-called Deficit Reduction Commission, “Orwell’s children” (as  Richard Eskow called them) are taking a road trip.  They’re staking their future by working against 99% of Americans and going with big oil, the Koch brothers and Peter Peterson’s Americans for Prosperity instead. The “prosperity” in that title means only for the likes of Mark Warner, one of the Senates richest men. But the so-called Deficit Reduction (let them eat catfood) Commission has no intention of “shared sacrifice” for themselves!

“Orwell’s children” (including Mark Warner and Saxby Chambliss) have formed an unholy alliance to screw Americans out of what is ours, including Social Security. We paid into it.  Employers paid into it on our behalf for which we gave up wages. Yet they have the nerve to try to stiff Americans.  Meanwhile, if the Catfood Commission wins, their buddies on Wall Street, who caused the problems of the past 2.5 years and cannot be trusted with our entire future, would get even richer. So would oil magnates and hedge fund managers. The “Commission” attempts this under false claims, scare tactics, invoking “Armageddon,” and essentially every trick in the book for them to avoid paying THEIR FAIR SHARE, however.

Now as Warner is ramping up his previous allegiance to the Cat Food Commission, the public, meanwhile, wisely does NOT prioritize deficits until we pull ourselves out of the recession and produce more jobs. And Americans do NOT want cuts to Social Security because they know more than ever Americans depend upon it.  Period.  In repeated polls, roughly 60% of Americans say that, but never mind. 81% of Americans say to tax millionaires and billionaires more.  The Good Ole Millionaire and Billionaire Boys could give a damn. Did you know those with assets of $7 million, not counting retirement accounts, don’t think they are wealthy?)  If you’re a 1% insider, you just cannot have enough.  

Back in the Senate, Warner isn’t representing us, but instead aligning himself with Kent Conrad, Mike Crapo, and even Tom Coburn on a supposed compromise.  That’s right, Tom Coburn. Too bad we didn’t know (when we elected him) how far down the radical wrong road Mark Warner had walked.  He now would rather walk with Saxby Chambliss (you know, the guy who equated war hero Max Cleland with OBL).  But now we know. And one cautionary note: Dick Durban is working against the 99%, and with Warner, on this one too.  Can we trust no one?  

And as ourfuture.org writer  Richard Eskow points out here, he aims to confuse you and the rest of the 99% with smokescreen arguments.  The end justifies the means.  The gang assembled by Warner *yes, its called the Gang of 6), claims they present us with our “Moment of truth.”  It’s an interesting choice of terms, as Eskow says:

The phrase “Moment of Truth” first appeared in English in Ernest Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon. It was originally a Spanish expression for the final sword-thrust in a bull-fight, the one that finishes off the bull after the matador is done taunting and tormenting him. Remember that whenever you hear about “The Moment of Truth Project,” the latest public relations venture from the Social Security-slashing Pete Peterson crowd. It could be el momento de verdad for your future financial security.

Check this Peter Peterson lapdog propaganda site.  And remember who funds Peterson (besides himself).  Yep, the Kochs and their ilk.   And that’s the stuff Mark Warner thinks is golden.

AS Eskow says:

The Peterson team has relentlessly pushed its right-wing agenda through a seemingly endless series of vehicles: a slanted “news” organization named “Fiscal Times” (now providing content to the Washington Post); a film called “I.O.U.S.A”; a consultant-designed game called “Budgetball” (which we called “Ayn Rand meets Deathrace 2000”); the mock “Hugh Jidette” political campaign (Hugh Jidette — get it? Sure you do.); the “OweNo” ad campaign; The Rivlin/Domenici deficit group — and now, the Moment of Truth Project.

Do read the Eskow article, it’s an excellent summary.  In fact, read all of Eskow’s material countering Mark Warner’s Ministry of Manipulation campaign.  Google him.  Last week Warner gave another of his feed-the-rich/but screw-the-rest-of-us presentations, to business persons, but not to ordinary citizens. It will be on to Georgia for another one.  The events are sponsored by another Americans for Prosperity organization spinoff.  

As I mentioned earlier, at a session last week, Warner falsely argued that we are approaching Armageddon due to not cutting taxes while his approach will cost us jobs and really cause Armageddon.  

Senator Mark Warner’s “radical centrism” is nothing more than wrong-wing Ayn- Randian propaganda, re-packaged by Americans for Prosperity–the entire crap-load.  And he dares to present himself to Virginians and America as someone who would run for president?  For reasons I cannot fathom, Virginians will probably still go on loving the guy all the way over Pied Piper cliff.

As a postscript I will just note that the banks,  who were holding the paper on home loans, often fraudulently pitched to homebuyers (despite Justice’s whitewash), claimed the right to foreclose on homeowners who crashed and burned.  WE, the citizens of these United States own the paper upon which off-budget wars and tax cuts for the rich and corporations were wrongly gained by borrowing OUR money.  WE should foreclose on them, the Congress and anyone, including the administration, who tries to stiff us now that folks like Warner are trying to weasel out of what they borrowed from US.  WE know Wall Street cannot be trusted as the guardians of our entire nest egg.  Social Security for current and future retirees is a necessity, not something to be toyed with.  Don’t let them get away with it.

(As always, these comments reflect the opinions of the blogger herself and not the rest of the BV team.  I will note, though, that we are blue Virginians, while Warner increasingly only pretends to be long enough to get our grassroots help electing him. We have every right to expect more.)


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