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Morgan Griffith Not Conservative Enough for Tea Partiers?


Rep. Morgan Griffith’s a climate science denier who goes on bizarre, borderline-insane rants about Mars, Vikings, “global cooling” (WTF?!?), and other totally discredited, tinfoil hat stuff. Griffith’s also someone who inexplicably believes that the EPA treats milk – yes, milk, from a cow – the same way it treats oil spills. Griffith is also a right winger in just about every way, including having voted to repeal the health care law he calls “Obamacare.” And he’s ultra-“conservative” (aka, “extreme”) on every other issue as well. In other words, he’s as right wingnut as they come.

Yet, as this article reports, none of that is sufficient for at least some of the Tea Partiers in his district, who are upset that – get this – “Griffith didn’t favor using the latest short-term spending resolution, which passed the House Tuesday, as a vehicle for defunding the health-care measure.” And they’re “letting him know it, staging protests Wednesday at his district offices in Abingdon and Christiansburg.”

The bottom line here is simple: if Morgan Griffith isn’t conservative enough for the Tea Partiers, than NOBODY is conservative enough for the Tea Partiers. Really, the only question is, when will the Republican Party realize that there’s nothing they can do that will ever satisfy these people, that their alliance with the Tea Party cannot be sustained, and that they should break off their bad mistake of a fling as soon as possible? If you’re a Democrat or Democratic-leaning independent, let’s hope the answer is “never,” and that the Republicans stick with the Tea Party all the way to electoral disaster in 2012.

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