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Poll – Jon Taylor vs Eric Cantor: Cantor’s friends still attack!


Message to all my BV Friends!

We have met this month’s goals in helping fund Jon Taylor’s defense!  His defense team is now made of the best attorneys in the country!  For those of you who wanted to donate to my campaign, I thank you for reconsidering and donating to the right causes….whether that be Jon Taylor’s defense, help for Japan, or the tragedy in Haiti.  Unlike Congressman Cantor, you know exactly how to use money that you can spare.  After all, it was Eric Cantor’s security squad who violently threw Mr Taylor to the ground for wanting to ask him a question (Click http://www.rickwaugh.com/news…. to see the video again).   The courts have already stated that Mr. Taylor was NOT being disruptive, yet the prosecution still marches on against him!  

So, I continue to ask for your generosity to help Jon Taylor and his family through this difficult time.

Some have ridiculed me for going out of my way to not accept campaign funds, in favor of those funds going to the right causes, but I know in my heart, I am doing the right thing.  Mr. Taylor wanted to simply exercise his citizen’s right to talk to his Congressman during an election year, and I owe it to him, his family, and the people of this District that I will do everything I can to defend that right.  Right is right, wrong is wrong and I would be doing a disservice to my community if I didn’t use my power to help others rather than myself.  Of course, as you can see from Cantor’s previous fundraising requests, he cares more about keeping power, rather than using that power to help others.  

So again, I ask you to donate to Mr. Taylor’s defense,….not my campaign.  You have helped meet the goals I asked of you for the March winds, and I know we can do it again to help Jon through the April showers!  Lets give Jon and his family piece of mind, and mail a check to Jon Taylor’s Defense fund at P.O. Box 40, Louisa Virginia 23093.  Thank you.

Rick Waugh

Rick Waugh for Congress

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