Wrong-Wing Watch: Huckabee’s Extremism For All the World to See (But the So-Called MSM Won’t Tell)


    I know we are a Virginia state blog.  However, sometimes national issues must take precedence.  The extremist would-be candidates of today’s Republican Party need more exposure to the light of day.  So, as news emerges, I will do a recurring column on the subject called Wrong-Wing Watch.  I have here Exhibit A in the Extreme coverup by most of the television media of just how extreme today’s Republicans are.  Huckabee thinks it would be a good idea if all American’s could be held at gunpoint and force-fed the words of Dave Barton.  Take a look at this video provided by RightWing Watch from People for the American Way, an organization promoting religious freedom and other civil liberties:

    Dave Barton wants all Americans to become the kind of “Christian” he is.   And it isn’t just want.  What he really is a  dominionist, who believes his restrictive view of how America should be should be imposed upon us (and the world).  There is no room for other religious perspectives.  He thinks that (his version of ) Biblical law shall be the law of the land.  He has moved in ways that most Americans know nothing about to control what kids learn and what they (and we) think.  According to Sourcewatch, He is one of the leading members of the “religious” revisionists, who work with state governments (incl Texas and California) to revise history curricula to portray America as a Christianist nation.  You need to get to know this guy now because his revision of history will soon be in the textbooks of America.  As  TX and CA textbooks go, so usually goes the nation’s.   Losing history means we will lose generations of kids to the ignorance of extreme wrong-wing.  

    Here’s more about Barton at Kos. Barton works with Glenn Beck, has even “taught” in Beck’s first web seminar to put forth a quite literally pathalogical view of America and current events.  And, if you have not watched the craziness unleashed every week night under the Beck and FOX banner, you need to see it for yourselves. The under-educated Beck (never graduated from college-and you can see why) has obviously been influenced extensively by this guy, and may well have gotten his “Caliphate” nonsense from him as well.  

    One by one, every single Republican thus far has sold his soul to the most extreme fringe.  And yet, most Republicans in the electorate are not as deranged as these candidates.  In a quite remarkable column, centrist Joe Klein rants  about the craziness of today’s GOP candidates.  I don’t agree with his solution to the problem (he wants Mitch Daniels, a nutjob in his own way, or Jeb Bush-spare us another economy-wrecking Bush) to run.  Gone are the days when there were a number of respectable Republicans.  

    I know some Democrats hope all these crazy candidates just keep it up.  But, before you get too sanguine, please remember that one of these folks could be the next president.  And the way things are going, the supposed media mostly promos any wackjob among the GOP as “presidential.”  I personally would rather see it as a contest between adults.  I won’t ever vote Republican.  But I think it’s in the national interest to let everyone know how important it is for there to be a restoration of the Republican Party.  Where are the adults in the GOP?  And, no, they are not Jeb Bush and Mitch Daniels.  Time’s a-wasting.  AND where are the Democrats pointing out how simply nuts this stuff is?  Meanwhile, the party of Lincoln is lost.  Hopefully, they won’t take the rest of America down with them. It would also be nice if Democrats in Congress would stop trying to compromise with extremists.  I don’t want a shutdown, but caving to radical extremists who’ve taken over the House, is a terrible mistake.  As of today, the Dems have accepted more cuts than extreme conservative hatchet man, Paul Ryan, demanded.

    PS As I write this Chuck Todd is acting as if any significant number of people actually showed up at the the “Tea Party Rally” today in DC.   They didn’t.  MSNBC cropped tightly the video so you do not see there was hardly anyone there.  And he had two Tea Partiers on the air (no Dems).  I know some of you are friends with Chuck.  So don’t dump on me for pointing this out.  Instead, call him or write him and tell him to be actually fair and balanced.


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