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Bizarro News: Kookinelli Beats Out Michelle Rhee, WI Gov. Walker for “Public Servant” Award


Believe it or not, this is not a parody (at least not intentional), it really happened.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli won the Public Servant of the Year Award presented by the Sam Adams Alliance and announced Friday evening in Chicago.


AG Cuccinelli won the Public Servant Award for challenging the constitutionality of the federal health care law

According to the Sam Adams Alliance website, the other two finalists for the “Public Servant” award (I know – hahahahahahaha) were Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, for his fine work busting unions, attacking working people, and being the most polarizing governor in America. Yay!  And the other candidate?  Michelle Rhee, who “repeatedly clashed with the Washington Teacher’s Union in seeking reform measures like merit pay…[then] resigned as chancellor and formed StudentsFirst, an organization designed to transform public education across the country.”

By the way, for more information on the Sam Adams Alliance, click here. Among other things, you’ll learn the following:

Long before Sam Adams Alliance’s recent website redesign, they altered an internship recruitment page that connected Sam Adams Alliance to Koch Industries: “Interested parties can apply for a Sam Adams Alliance internship through the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program administered by the Institute for Humane Studies and the State Policy Network.” The internship is still listed on the IHS website. Charles Koch founded the IHS. The internship page existed up until the site’s ongoing redesign, but recently the Koch reference was absent from the Sam Adams Alliance website. An article in Playboy Magazine, taken down almost as soon as it was posted, claimed the Koch reference was scrubbed on Feb. 16. Three days later, Santelli’s supposedly-spontaneous rant kick-started the Tea Party movement, enabled by Odom’s on-line assistance.

That’s the group that just gave Virginia Attorney General Ken Kookinelli its “Public Servant” award. Bizarro.


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