Bob Schieffer on Donald Trump’s “ugly strain of racism”


    Bob Schieffer nails it: what Donald Trump is tapping into — sufficiently to propel him to the top (or near it) of the Republican presidential field — is racism, no question about it. Toss in a dash of Islamophobia and xenophobia, and there you have it. Any further questions?

    • Mike1987

      I want the donald, the wrinkled out of touch racist orange bigot the face of the republican party. I want him to speak, talk and talk and talk.

    • kindler

      This is a very good time to examine all Republican “leaders” and observe who takes a stand against Trump’s racist demagoguery and who does not.  

      Remember when John McCain was the one Republican who used to call their bluff when others in his party pulled crap like this?  Yeah, I miss those days…