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Bobby Scott Politely Dodges Question Whether He’ll Primary Kaine


Watch this video and see if you can figure out what Rep. Bobby Scott is going to do. If you can, you’re either a mind reader or extremely perceptive or something. As far as I can tell, Scott isn’t ruling out the possibility that he’ll run against Tim Kaine in a Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate nomination, but it’s hard to tell which way – if any – he’s leaning on this. Thoughts?

  • DCCyclone

    It’s pretty simple I think:  he doesn’t know.  Since he doesn’t know, neither do I.

    I have no doubt he would love to win that seat, or he wouldn’t talk about it at all.

    But he knows achieving that feat, winning, is a helluva lot tougher than Charlie Sheen thinks it is.

    All that said, setting aside whatever Scott says or thinks now, I think if and when Kaine announces, Scott’s decision will come down to whether he’s content with the career he’s had and can accept life out of public office.  If he can, then he just might run, since losing isn’t such a big deal.  But if he decides he badly wants to remain in elective office, he’ll stay in his House seat.

  • aimeefausser

    Bobby Scott played this one smart. Instead of looking like he’s deferring to someone else to decide, he just flat out said he’ll decide in July. He’s making his decision–whatever it is–about him, and not about anyone or everyone else (at least message-wise). Pay attention Dems, this is how you can put off a decision until later and still look strong.

  • laurenburke007

    It feels like Kaine is allowing outside forces to time his decision. Someone explain to me the point of Kaine (or anyone else) announcing in April of 2011? What is Kaine’s big rush? All he’s doing is extending the length of the campaign for himself and giving opposition more time to prepare. Webb didn’t announce until the same calendar year of the race. What is the advantage of announcing early?

  • Nobody is scared of Kaine.

    The trick for Scott isn’t to just run, but to run after Kaine has announced so that he can have a contested primary and be known as “The Dragon Slayer” when he beats the former DNC Chair.

    The same math would have worked for Perriello, but he was dumb enough to defer to Kaine.