Corey Stewart Throws a Hissy Fit For No Apparent Reason


    First, listento Corey Stewart’s OUTRAGED robocall here.

    Now, read Stewart’s OUTRAGED email blast:

    Dear Friends and Residents of Prince William County,

    The most recent version of the General Assembly redistricting plan approved by the Virginia State Senate on Thursday is a gross injustice to Prince William County . Among Prince William County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park , there are nearly one half million residents. With a population of this size, the citizens of the community are entitled to two and one half senate seats.

    Instead, Senator George Barker, who drew the state senate districts, has proposed a plan that ensures that the county will only have one representative in the state senate. The plan would splinter Prince William into seven Senate districts, six of which would likely be held be residents of other counties, including Fairfax (3), Loudoun (1), Fauquier (1) and Westmoreland (1).

    Although I have disagreed with him in the past, I have never before questioned Senator Barker’s motives. But this plan disenfranchises Prince William County and its citizens. The plan dilutes the influence of Prince William in Richmond , despite the fact that we are the second largest County in the Commonwealth and growing fast. This plan is a disgrace, and I am urging Governor McDonnell to make reasonable and fair adjustments to the state senate districts.

    I will not stand by silently as Prince William is dismembered and divvied up among neighboring counties. I will fight Senator Barker’s attempt to disenfranchise Prince William citizens. Please call Senator Barker’s Office and let him know that you too are also unhappy with this plan. Senator Barker’s phone number is 703-303-1426.


    So…you’re probably wondering, what the heck is Corey Stewart talking about here exactly? Is this a real issue or what?

    Well, no. Actually, the deal is that right now, Prince William County (PWC) has one (1) State Senator representing it who also resides in PWC. That would be Chuck Colgan (D), who lives in Gainesville, just west of Manassas National Battlefield Park. Other than that, PWC right now has State Senator George Barker (39th), State Senator Toddy Puller (36th), and State Senator Richard Stuart (28th), none of whom live in PWC, but all of whom represent parts of PWC in the State Senate.

    And under George Barker’s Senate redistricting plan, guess what? That’s right, nothing changes: Chuck Colgan would still be the only one who lives in PWC in the State Senate. So what’s Corey Stewart throwing such a hissy fit about? Or is this all “strategery?” But if so, what is it? Does Stewart really think anybody cares about this “issue?” Perhaps he believes that attacking George Barker for authoring the Senate redistricting plan is the way to win back that seat? If so, I’m highly dubious it’s going to work, given the much bigger problems most people in PWC are facing (e.g., the economy? jobs? their mortgages being “underwater?”). Anyway, let’s hope Corey keeps wasting his time and money, confusing PWC residents, and generally making a fool of himself. I’m sure the Babur Lateef campaign, for instance, will enjoy every minute of it. 🙂

    • Sen. Barker on Redistricting in Prince William

      Due to population shifts in Northern Virginia, the Prince William area, currently represented by four senators in the Virginia Senate, will grow to six.  Likewise in the plan drawn and passed by the Republican-led House of Delegates, there was an increase from five to eight delegate seats, four of which contain territory outside the Prince William area.

      Among the region’s current senate delegation is Sen. Chuck Colgan, whose district remains entirely in Prince William, Manassas, and Manassas Park, and Sen. Toddy Puller (a former Prince William resident), whose district retains majority-Prince William status.  In addition, the 22nd district – newly drawn due to population growth – encompasses part of western Prince William and has a Prince William resident as an announced candidate.  With more senators accountable to Prince William voters, the county will end up with more advocates for its concerns in Richmond, not fewer.

      Even though Sen. Barker lives just across Bull Run, he has worked tirelessly for Prince William County on numerous pieces of legislation, including a major economic development bill designed exclusively for the county – and supported by Chairman Corey Stewart – that was signed into law this March.  He has also voted for bipartisan redistricting reform every year he has been in office, only to see it die in the House of Delegates each time.

      Sen. Barker and the other members of the delegation maintain a constant dialogue with local officials and residents.  As long as Sen. Barker remains in the Virginia Senate, Prince William County will not be underrepresented.

    • pol

      I guess he was hoping to gerrymander another Republican senate seat pick up. If another whole district were formed in PWC, the chances of a Republican win would be pretty good.

      Interesting… Stewart says there will be 7 districts in PWC; Barker says 6.

    • kindler

      Just without all that reasonableness and common sense…

    • totallynext

      is that Prince William shouldn’t be splitered as a minority of all the Senate Districts.

      He is right – they should have one if not two Senate Districts that tie the county together.

      I am totally opposed to the Senate Plan.  Lipstick on a pig….

    • totallynext

      George Barker took a historical Fairfax / Mt. Vernon / Lee District Senate District and made it a majority Prince William district.  Further deluiting Mt. Vernon and the Rt one corridor concerns.

      It is a shame and a travesty – all the while keeping his 39th solid Fairfax.   IF any Senate Seat should have shifted into PWC it should have been the 39th.

    • sspiker

      I thought you guys were all about protecting “communities of interest”. Splitting the second-largest county in the state up so only one State Senate district has a majority of population in Prince William is pretty unfair to PWC residents, even if its not a change from the status quo.

      I just can’t see how anyone can complain about fracturing Arlington and not complain about fracturing PWC.

    • cragghines

      Babur Lateef is a bright, young eye surgeon from Woodbridge. His wife is a pediatric neurologist. They have four children and live in the Coles District.

      Dr. Lateef wants to improve Prince William County, a different approach from Corey Stewart’s crude questing for higher office.