Cuccinelli Plays God


    By Paul Goldman

    While the resurrection of Jesus is a matter of faith, the resurrection of Lt. Governor Bill Bolling as the GOP candidate for Governor in 2013 may soon be a matter of proof. According to a newspaper interview published today, Attorney General Cuccinelli indicates he is odds-on to run for re-election in 2013. In a GOP gubernatorial  nomination contest between Ken and Bill, there isn’t a hospital in America, even Hawaii if you believe Donald Trump, willing to provide an authentic certificate of live birth to a Bolling for Governor 2013 campaign.

    But you say: “Paul, in the interview, isn’t the AG playing with Bolling and the Democrats too?” ”

    My answer: Ask me before this interview and I agree. But now I am rethinking.  

    Why? Since Virginia became a competitive two-party state, everyone elected to the AG post has run for Governor.  Voters accept the job being a political stepping stone. Opponents always attack various of their AG actions as politically motivated. Voters seem to regard such attacks as one politician accusing another of being a politician. Big whoop.

    So I ask myself: Why is it so important to Kenny C to be seen as  not letting politics interfere with his jurisprudential advocacy when voters don’t care?

    My answer: He wants to be seen as a non-political AG because such an image is important to him.

    By running for re-election, he believes this allows him to prove his actions have been legally, not politically, based. He gets to claim, if re-elected, a wide acceptance of his legal views in a major state.  

    Will Cuccinelli decide to play God?  His critics would say that is a rhetorical question.


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