From Senator to Congressman!


    Greetings from the BatCave!

    According to the Washington Post on April 8, 2011, Dems in the Virginia State Senate are planning on producing a new map of Virginia’s congressional districts, based on new census data, and two of the eleven congressional districts will be majority minority districts.  

    Senator Mamie Locke (D-Hampton) is apparently set to sponsor the new bill and file it on Monday.  Locke has indicated that the second majority minority district will be based in the Richmond area.  LOL!  Yippee!!

    I can hardly contain myself.  If I could do back flips, I’d be doing one right now!

    Now, think really hard!  

    Who is a Democratic incumbent in the Richmond area, who we all adore, who would not only make an amazing candidate but an absolutely AWESOME Congressman?

    Who has deep family, business and electoral roots deep in Henrico County, the City of Richmond, Charles City County, and with great name recognition in the region after his statewide primary run in 2001?

    Who whacked former State Senator Bennie Lambert over the head with a pumpkin in the Senate primary after Lambert was caught campaigning with George Allen and George Bush several years ago?  

    And who do progressive white voters in the Fan Distirct and Northside Richmond love, and I mean LOVE to vote for in Democratic primaries?

    Who do base Democratic voters love to listen to when he is the ONLY Virginia Democrat to stand up to the nuts cases in the Republican Tea Party?    

    I’ll give you a hint – go Donald!!


    Think about it – if not Donald, who?  If not Donald, why not?

    LOL!  (Trying to do a back flip as I write!)

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