Go “Like” If Boehner shuts down government, I am taking my trash to his house” Facebook Page.



    Jonah Goldman and Nolan Treadway started this event because if the US government is shut down, so is DC’s trash pickup.  There’s a story about it in the Washington City Paper.


    The City Paper suggest sites other than just Boehner’s house, including Virginia.  Here’s what they had to say about us.

    Virginia: Until 1847, Arlington and Alexandria were part of the District. Had they not petitioned Congress to return to their native commonwealth, the modern-day residents of these parts of town would, like those of us in D.C., be wondering what to do with all their garbage next week. Instead, many of them will be planning which bars to hit up for happy hour because they don’t have to show up for their jobs as legislative correspondents. So take your trash over the Potomac, and-like lawmakers love to do-make the whole thing someone else’s problem.


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