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Jamie Radtke: Returning George Allen to the Senate Would Be “Definition of Insanity”


I don’t agree with Tea Party candidate Jamie Radtke on almost anything (it’s not just philosophy or opinion; in many cases, she’s just flat-out wrong on her facts), but I certainly do agree with her comments about George Allen in this interview:

I think that people, especially in today’s, you know, political environment, are not wanting to return career politicians to Washington, DC. You know, they look at the mess up there, and, you know sort of the definition of insanity is if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and think this time it will be different. And it’s not. I mean, you can’t keep sending people up there that engineered the mess. And I don’t think people want to put someone in there that’s been a politician for three decades…

Radtke’s right about Allen: when he was in the Senate, he voted for everything (two unfunded wars, the Bush tax cuts that cost $400 billion a year, the crony capitalist policies that helped lead us into the recession) that resulted in this situation. Radtke’s also right that it would be insane to return George Allen to the Senate and expect any different results from the last go-around. I mean, it’s not as if he’s shown any indication of having gained any wisdom or learned anything new over the past 5 years since we booted his sorry you-know-what out of what he called the “wounded sea slug” (the Senate).  Instead, he’s spent the past few years flacking for dirty energy, writing his inane musings on sports cliches he knows and loves, asking black reporters what positions they play and telling Asian Americans that they must not know what an “at-bat” is. Impressive, eh?


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