In Support of Bobby Scott for U.S. Senate


    In Support of Bobby Scott for U.S. Senate

    by Curtis D. Young

    The question is why should we support a candidate other than Tim Kaine in Virgina?

    I have watched and played in Virginia politics dating back to my days as a low level field staffer for Mark Warner in 2001. I have been extremely impressed with the States recent march toward infinite “blue-dom.” I am not sure who deserves the credit, but they have done a mighty fine job turning Virginia blue or baby blue perhaps. It was when CNN announced that President Obama won Virginia in 2008 that I knew we had risen from the eternal label of “red state.”

    With all the demographic changes that have taken place in Virginia, I now think we have a perfect opportunity to elect one of the most senior democrats in the state. Yes, Congressman Bobby Scott.

    Congressman Scott has long been known in Washington as one of the hardest working members in the U.S. House of Representatives and has received high marks from his constituents and colleagues on both sides of the aisle. He has managed to build a strong political reach throughout the state, largely due to his annual Labor Day Picnic, which unofficially kicks off the campaign season in Virginia. This event attracts democrats from all corners and even had President Bill Clinton attend back in 2000 (now that’s a picnic).

    He also represents a district spanning from Richmond, down to the Hampton Roads area, that includes a large number of minority voters. He’s one of those guys that everyone loves. In Congress, he works hard on issues impacting America’s youth and is by far a leading voice on all things constitution. If you have ever attended one of his town hall meetings, I am sure you walked away with a better understanding of our nations budget woes.

    Now that Jim Webb is retiring, I strongly believe that Bobby Scott is the most viable candidate we have. Don’t get me wrong, Tim Kaine is a nice guy, we all know this. But are we obligated to support him because he’s there? Seriously, how many people have actually thought this through? Look at the pro’s and the con’s of a Tim Kaine campaign and a Bobby Scott campaign. From my window I see more pro’s in the Bobby Scott column. Sure, he has a liberal voting record, but it’s not too different from any other democrat.

    The party (Democratic Party, that is) has long overlooked minority candidates with the failed excuse of “they can’t raise the money.” Well, if the party actually supported minority candidates and spent as much time fundraising for them, as they would do for Tim Kaine, there wouldn’t be this fundraising gap. If Barak Obama would have listened to party insiders about running for President, he would still be in the Senate and John McCain would be President (sorry Hillary, I really love you).

    Seriously, let’s think this thing through. Bobby Scott would bring in tons of new minority voters from around the state. The campaign would automatically receive national converge since he would likely be the only prominent black senatorial candidate and that itself would bring in dollars. He would be able to explain his votes, much better than any other candidate we have in Virgina. Tim Kaine can barely explain his last budget.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Tim Kaine. As I stated before, he is a really NICE guy…but perhaps too nice to win in Virginia. I stand behind Congressman Bobby Scott for U.S. Senate and I sincerely hope he decides to throw his hat in the ring.

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