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Jeff Schapiro Takes On Bob McDonnell’s “gay problem”


Richmond Times-Dispatch political reporter Jeff Schapiro on how “[q]uestions about Bob McDonnell’s perceived hostility to homosexuals date back decades.”

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Let’s see…McBigot says that single gay people can adopt children, but a gay couple can’t. Huh? Social conservatives like McPrissy are forever telling women that single motherhood contributes to poverty, juvenile delinquency, and degradation of the society. Yet, if a lesbian wants to become a single mother through adoption or a gay man to become a single father, that’s OK just as long as the person doesn’t find a partner to help raise the child. That has to be Logic 101 as taught by Pat Robertson’s School of Medieval Law.

    (I wish I could break myself of the habit of butchering McDonnell’s name, but I find that it’s just too much fun.) 🙂